Our Dancing Robots


  • Sizes of our dancing robots:

    • Our male Robot is 6 ft. - 5 inches

    • Our two female Robots are 5 ft. – 7 inches

  • These robots are built for dancing and contain voice boxes.

Our Cosplay Robots

  • Sizes of our Robots:

    • Our yellow one is 7 ft. – 9 inches

    • Our red and blue one is 8 ft. – 9 inches

    • Our silver one is 8 ft. – 9 inches

  • They can dance with their upper body.

  • They can talk to people with Robot voices.

Walking, Talking, Riding, Roaring Fun

Our Dinosaur

  • We have one 14-foot-long, 9-foot-high Dinosaur, baby T-REX.

  • He has full movement of head and tail, opens mouth, shuts eyes and blinks, and makes 7 different sounds.

  • He is very realistic. He can walk around and interact with people.

  • Our actor fits completely inside the costume.

Our Motion Ride


  • The ride is inside a 25 foot long, 13 foot high, and 10-foot wide trailer.

  • It has 6 seats on a motion platform that is programmed to move with movies for a real feeling ride.

  • It has over a 150 3D movies.

  • Effects inside trailer include rain, snow, wind, fog, smoke, and fire.

  • Seats vibrate, poke back and butt, sweep legs, and blow air on neck and back.

  • The ride also includes aroma smells, lighting storms, bubbles, and laser lights.

  • Movies run 5 to 7 minutes long.

Sweet Ride Express


  • A one-of-a-kind, 1850’s realistic-looking scaled passenger train from yesteryear.

  • Can carry up to 24 children at a time – adults can ride too!

  • Great for parties, parades, fairs, grand openings, and mall promotions, almost any kind of event

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