All aboard for the Sweet Ride Express!

Come on and join us for a fun ride on a one-of-a-kind, 1850’s realistic-looking scaled passenger train from yesteryear.  It is a trackless train (rubber tires allow it to operate on pavement and graded parking lots) that can carry up to 24 children at a time – adults can ride too!


The Sweet Ride Express is a custom-built train.  The engine, coal car and passenger cars are modeled after an original 1850’s steam locomotive.  They are engineered and built scaled replicas of actual old-timey train photos and sketches.  The silver engine pulls a coal car followed by four, brightly colored passenger cars – a deep river blue, a laser yellow, a sun valley green  – and of course, the last car is a fire engine red caboose! 


Each car has three seats with seat belts and can hold adults and children together.  The train passenger cars are 8 feet long, 3 feet wide with 42 inch tall beaded siding walls to keep riders safe.  Top speed is around 3 mph. The entire Sweet Ride Express all connected and ready to run is 53 feet long!  And you get to ride in the car color of your choice!  The fire engine red caboose is the favorite.


When you board the train and get ready to leave the station, you’ll hear real sounds of train whistles and toots as the engineer calls out “all aboard”!  As the steam engine gets started, you’ll hear it working hard, “chuff-chuff-chuffing” as it pulls away, sounds of the train running down the tracks along with crossing bell warnings through the speakers in each car.


Riding the Sweet Ride Express at night is extra special – it lights up!  The engine has a powerful center head light and lights on the cowcatcher that light the way.  The engine and all four cars are decorated with lighting strips that change color while you’re on your trip.   It is a sight to see at night.

The Sweet Ride Express is available for parties, parades, fairs, grand openings, and mall promotions, almost any kind of event.  It needs a large, flat area at least 100 yards long and 25 yards wide for carrying passengers on their journey into the old-timey trains of the past.

So, come on and join us at our next public event or book the Sweet Ride Express for your own private birthday party. 

All aboard the Sweet Ride Express!


Please check our event schedule for the next train departure.  Call Rick at 970-817-1058 for pricing and booking information.

Sweet Ride Express Train

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